Signed books, hardcover, and new novel!

A few exciting announcements!

Stolen Tongues audiobook
After much ado, the official Stolen Tongues audiobook is now available, and will hit audible soon!

Stolen Tongues hardcover
There is now a hardcover version of Stolen Tongues, with a nice dust jacket and fully updated artwork. The jacket and the book board have different art, so you can decide which one you like best (you get both anyway)! Hardcovers will be available through IngramSpark and Amazon in a few weeks, but you can get a signed copy sooner – see below!


Paperback art.png

Book board:
Hardcover bookboard art.png

Stolen Tongues paperback – new artwork
The paperback version of Stolen Tongues also has new artwork! It’s the same as the hardcover version’s dust jacket. If you own the original book with the old cover, congratulations! You now own a collector’s item.

Signed books are now available
Signed copies are finally here! I’ve been saying no to folks for several months now, but I’m happy to announce that you can now have a brand new, signed hardcover or paperback of Stolen Tongues if you want one. Please visit my website, to grab one. As usual, I’ve got a very limited supply. Due to paper shortages and mail disruptions, please allow up to three weeks for paperback delivery, and five weeks for hardcover delivery. I’m sorry for the wait!

Stolen Tongues film update
It’s been five years since the film rights for Stolen Tongues were optioned. Since then, they’ve changed hands three times. I wish I had more to share, but unfortunately Hollywood projects move even more slowly than book projects, probably because they’re so expensive. I can tell you that we have a producer and two writers attached to the project, and the most current script is about to be reviewed by the powers that be. None of this guarantees that a film will actually hit the big screen any time soon, but we have high hopes.

Prequel novel!
A prequel to Stolen Tongues is coming! I’m not ready to share the title yet, but here’s the inside-title page artwork:

title sketch stairs.png

Stolen Tongues had a lot of unanswered questions and cliffhangers, and that’s because the story is part of a much wider universe. This universe is called the Pale Peak Mythos, and there are four books in it, including Stolen Tongues itself.

The prequel novel is not a cozy horror story that takes place in a cabin; it’s much bigger in scope and scale. In this novel, we get a much closer look at the lives of Tíwé, Nathan, and Angela, and we see the reservation on which they were born. The story follows  Tíwé’s father, and the adversity he and his community faced from supernatural, elemental, and political forces. The Impostor still lurks on the mountain, and now we get to learn much more about him and his terrifying plans for the humans he deems special enough to stalk. We even get to experience Pale Peak in a richer context – not just as a setting, but as a character itself.

If you have ever wondered what the “dreamcatchers” in Stolen Tongues really are, or what exactly was going on in the mysterious cellar beneath the cabin, you will uncover those secrets in this book.

title sketch cave.png

The prequel is quite different in style, which may come as a surprise to readers who loved Stolen Tongues. This story is written in third-person instead of first, it has a larger cast of characters, and it takes place over a longer period of time. If you’re looking for something winterset, atmospheric, isolating, and equal parts mysterious and disturbing, you will enjoy this book. I’ll do an official reveal later this year, and I predict the novel will hit shelves in 2023.

2 thoughts on “Signed books, hardcover, and new novel!

  1. I just squealed like a little girl!!!!! What a wonderful surprise to find at the end of a stressful day. Your writing has turned me into a crazy fangirl (mature woman) who craves more! So exited for all the good stuff happening for you and Faye!!!!


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