Here you will find videos by Felix Blackwell, as well as narrations created by other YouTubers.

Going Down

Narrated by Felix Blackwell

My romantic cabin getaway

Narrated by YouTube horror reader Be.Busta

All Fours

Narrated by CreepyPastaJr

There is no such thing as Area 51

Narrated by CreepyPastaJr

A Dance for Fireflies

Narrated by Otis Jiry

There’s always time for Christmas!

Narrated by Kristin Holland Nocturnal Transmissions

A group of perverts are targeting kids on YouTube. I used to work for them.

Narrated by Mr. Creeps

Chocolate is Rocket Fuel for Nightmares

Narrated by ASMattR ASMR

My Uncle had Brain Bubbles

Narrated by CreepyPasta