Felix Blackwell terrifies China

A while ago, I learned about a disturbing YouTube phenomenon known as “Elsagate,” which involves the targeting of children with violent and sexual content through popular fictional characters. I wanted to share this discovery with my readers, so I wrote a story called “A group of perverts are targeting kids on YouTube. I used to work for them.” That story can be found here.

After, several redditors notified me that the story had gone viral in some parts of Asia, and in China it became such a concern that the national government launched a nationwide campaign against the disturbing video content.


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Book Announcement: The Cold People

I am proud to unveil my first major publication: The Cold People and Other Fairy Tales from Nowhere! This is a compilation of short horror stories written by me and my co-author, Colin J. Northwood. There is a special treat for those of you who enjoyed my Cabin series on NoSleep: in this book, you will find the two original stories about Faye that inspired that series. Previews and samples coming soon!

Expected release date: October 2016