Felix Blackwell writes in the horror, thriller, and fantasy genres. Here you will find a list of his available books, in both paperback and e-book format.


A romantic cabin getaway doesn’t go exactly as planned.

High up on the windswept cliffs of Pale Peak, Faye and Felix celebrate their new engagement. But soon, a chorus of ghastly noises erupts from the nearby woods: the screams of animals, the cries of children, and the mad babble of a hundred mournful voices. A dark figure looms near the windows in the dead of night, whispering to Faye. As the weather turns deadly, Felix discovers that his terrified fiancée isn’t just mumbling in her sleep – she’s whispering back.

Originally a contest-winning story on’s horror community NoSleep, Stolen Tongues has received widespread acclaim and is now being adapted into a feature film.

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Something wretched crawls beneath the skin of this world…

Peel back that rotting skin and behold the improbable creatures, nightmarish places, and horrifying events that lie waiting just beyond everyday experience. Witness the terror of a man stalked for decades by entities from across the void. Feel the agony of an unholy union between technology and flesh. Know the decay of our reality as it collapses into a darker plane.

Our deepest fears are mere shadows on the wall. Find out what casts those shadows in this collection of short stories by Felix Blackwell and Colin J. Northwood.

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